Derek Des Islets

Born: 1988

Lives and works in Brooklyn New York


 Derek Des Islets makes paintings imbued with imperfections though perfection to him exists in imperfection. A misshapen line becomes the path of photons interacting with a field of gravity. Large swaths of color reveal hidden emotions and past experiences beneath. Life is never one color or shade but layers of them thrown upon one another haphazardly as we attempt to make order from them. Sometimes letting go, just intuitively placing forms is how the picture comes about. It is a leap into the unknown, the greatest and most profound question humans have. The simple fact of how we became, through birth to be who we are today. Women on a higher plane, one that can be easily seen for she is the giver of life. Just as water is natural and essential so is the naked body in all the magical positions that can be attained. The deep thoughts that cannot be given in words stream from the body and the mind. A light takes over and everything is white.